Two Chris’s are better than one!

We’ve doubled our Chris count: we’re thrilled to announce that Chris Roberts QFP has been named as the Chairman of the all-new Chantry Group.

Bringing untold franchising experience and expertise, not to mention general business savvy, Chris has today taken up his new role. 

He joins our esteemed founder and leader, Chris Cook, in heading up our growing team. It’s lucky that we already have plenty of experience of name confusion at Chantry, with Nikki and Nic both working in the Recruitment division… 

After successfully completing the sale of Franchise Finance earlier this year, having developed it into the No1 name in franchise funding & business planning support alongside his business partner Stuart Walsh, Chris R was looking for new challenges to keep him occupied. 

And we’re delighted to say that Chantry topped the list! His experience of developing a company to become the leader of its field gives us an incredible boost as we continue to do just that in franchise marketing, franchisee recruitment… and soon, with franchise resales too. 

Offering a comprehensive service to franchisees from preparing for sale to negotiating and exit, our resales service will launch in October, headed up by another highly experienced professional – more to come soon on that.

New Chris said: “I am delighted to accept the position of Chairman of the Chantry Group and I’m looking forward to my non-exec role and working with Chris and the team to grow three distinct but complementary divisions. 

“We have some exciting developments to share soon. Watch this space!” 

Old Chris (in terms of time with the company, rather than age) commented: “I’m thrilled that Mr Roberts is joining me to head up the team at Chantry, it’s a game-changer for our business and our clients. With his business planning experience, industry knowledge and contacts, we’re now in a position to help even more franchisors and franchisees. 

“Two Chris’s are definitely better than one!” 

It’s onwards and upwards for Chantry Group and our clients.