Case study: Climbing the ladder to being named Britain’s best young franchise

My Window Cleaner is reaching dizzying new heights after being acclaimed as Emerging Franchisor of The Year in the British Franchise Association awards – and we’re extremely proud to have played a part in helping them achieve their ambitious goals.

Ian Bradley, My Window Cleaner’s Franchise Director, is a veteran outsourcer. He turned to Chantry early in his mission to help the company turn its burgeoning franchise into a thriving operation.  

“I knew we needed some professional help and guidance in launching our franchise recruitment campaign,” he says.  “Our brand image was a little dated, and that’s the first thing Chantry asked me about at our initial meeting. “We needed to completely change the brand, so Chantry designed our logo and created two brilliant websites, one customer-facing and the other for franchise recruitment.”  

Working hand-in-glove with Ian and directors Karen and Dave Prewer, Chantry got under the skin of My Window Cleaner and helped create and refine its marketing messages and franchise recruitment strategy.  “We discussed the quality of the franchisee partners we wanted, the media we’d use, and the potential returns on investment,” says Ian. “Within six months, we’d found our first franchisees.  “We ran a pilot for a year, and Chantry came to us with new channels, new content and a video. “That started the snowball, and we awarded 12 new franchises in 2020 – and considering how young we are as a business, that’s pretty impressive.”  

Lockdown success  My Window Cleaner, and Chantry, responded to the pandemic and repeated shutdowns by reassuring people via leaflets and other media that it was open for business and could serve customers without them even needing to be at home, or have any social contact at all.  

That, combined with My Window Cleaner’s proprietary CRM system and app – Gloria – meant its franchisees could continue trading successfully and potential new franchisees could keep coming forward.  

Quality control  While we cover the marketing side of things, Ian’s decades of experience means My Window Cleaner narrows the dozens of franchise enquiries it receives a month down to just two or three high-quality candidates who spend several weeks being assessed for suitability and learning all about the business.  

A constant marketing analysis and review of each channel’s quality – not just quantity – has paid dividends when it comes to finding the right franchisees… and the downstream results of only awarding a franchise to top quality people speaks for itself.  

Its first two franchisees have begun taking on staff and transforming into multi-van operations, and each new franchise launch is improving on the last – bar none.  As a result, the business is well on the way to becoming the UK’s first-ever national window cleaning brand and achieving its goal of doing for its industry what Uber and Just Eats have done in theirs – pioneer a technology-led revolution.  

Ian says the collaboration with Chantry has made a huge difference.  “Our regular review meetings are paramount to the ongoing success we enjoy. I know I can pick up the phone whenever I want and speak to someone on the team.  

“We’re just entering the third year of our relationship, and we’ve every intention of continuing it. Chantry are a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond.”