For the love of franchising…

All franchisors are looking for love, in the form of passionate prospects – so how do you start to turn them on (or off)?

What did the prospect say to the franchisor on Valentine’s Day? “I find you very attractive!” 

OK… so we won’t be winning any comedy awards anytime soon!  But when it does come to winning awards, our clients are pretty good at it. The secret of their success in continually attracting the right kind of new prospects? Keeping their marketing fresh, relevant, focused and consistent.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to spruce your marketing up and get your campaigns and messaging into shape to impress your potential franchisee suitors. 

On a fundamental level, you have a proposition, you have marketing messages and you have an array of channels to choose from. And, much like an eligible bachelor or bachelorette taking their first tentative steps into the world of online dating, you must position yourself wisely with the right message in the right place, or you risk sending the wrong signals and finding yourself attracting a bunch of Mr or Miss Wrongs rather than Mr or Miss Right.  

Forget The Power of Love, think the power of marketing Like Mr or Miss Wrong, we’ve all been there: searching for something online and instead of being nicely introduced and warmed up to an idea – BANG – you’re hit in the face by a badly thought through advert that triggers the wrong feelings. Instead of converting you to a sale, it pushes you back out to the open market.  Don’t fall into the same trap: try asking yourself, what are my dream prospects really looking for? How can I appeal to them, empathise with and understand their pains, and show them the gains I can offer?  The best way to do this is to think yourself into the head of your dream suitor. 

How old are they? 

You don’t need to be super-specific here! But, are you looking for someone who is more of an experienced silver fox, or perhaps an energetic young buck with energy to burn? 

What are their passions and hobbies?

Is your suitor into anything niche? (Behave.) Perhaps you’re in the automotive trade and most of your franchisees are massive petrol heads – so going out directly into industry-specific channels is the way to get their engine going.  

What turns them on? 

Quite a simple one – if they like something, hit them with it. For example, if money is the motivator, show off your assets! If it’s better balance they’re seeking, focus more on your franchise’s tightrope skills.  

What turns them off? 

This is just as important a focus, but so easily skipped. Don’t ruin your appeal with a nasty surprise.  Start challenging yourself by addressing these types of questions, so you can begin to build up a picture of how to effectively engage your dream date.  By spending a little bit of time researching and focusing on the needs and desires of your ideal match, what might have been an aborted date after an awkward exchange over a drink, could instead see you racing to wedding bells and a bright and happy future together as franchisee and franchisor. 

Chantry Group have been lucky enough to introduce many suitors to their future partners, the signs are positive for many happy matches in 2021 – if you’d like to know more about how we became the matchmakers from franchising heaven, get in touch with our very own cupids right here