How a business-in-a-box could be your way to a new life of freedom and fulfilment

As people in Wales enjoy their first hair-cuts for months and the acceleration of the vaccination programme means the rest of us can begin to see an end to life under lockdowns, a lot of us will be wondering what to do next. 

The last year has given us time for reflection, to ponder what we really want to do with the rest of our lives, and the arrival of Spring has made that longing for change and renewal all the more intense.  Some of us, at least, will be wanting to earn our living in a totally different way.  

We might have been made redundant after giving decades of our lives to one employer, or been at home on furlough and realised just how much we don’t miss going into the office.  

That’s why starting a business is tempting so many, and why buying a business-in-a-box appeals even more to those of us who don’t want to start from scratch again. For that’s what a franchise is: a business-in-a-box – a ready-made business that’s already proven, already heard-of, and all ready for someone to open and start earning money from.  Instead of going through all the palaver and heartache of setting up a business, learning the ropes, making mistakes, and maybe discovering that it isn’t viable after all, buying a franchise means you hit the ground running with a business that’s already shown it succeeds.  

The people who set it up initially went through all those stages themselves but are allowing you to benefit from their experience without having to reinvent wheels or waste time and resource exploring the same cul-de-sacs.  It’s a roadmap to success, and for some it is the best way to get a successful business up and running. Through buying a franchise, you benefit from the proven formula, enjoying the recognition and reputation that the business already has.  

So many businesses thought of as ‘chains’ are actually franchises – Toni & Guy and Vodafone amongst them – and they cover so many fields from maths tuition to window-cleaning and monthly massages.  

Disparate they may be, but the one thing they have in common is that they work, and can prove it, time after time, which means they’re a lot safer financially than going it alone and hoping for the best.  It’s in the interest of your franchisor to see you succeed, and a franchisor worth their salt will give you all the support you need to ensure that happens.  

Be aware: franchise opportunities take different forms, some are owner operator, some are management franchises, while some rely on the franchisee to commit to opening multiple units or sites in an agreed period of time. If you do the research, partner with the right brand, you might well end up having more fun, feeling more fulfilled and earning far more money than you ever could have in your day job.  

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