About us

Founded by Chris Cook in 2007, we’re one of the top agencies in the UK franchise industry, a reputation that’s been hard-earned over the last 15 years. You don’t get to last that long in such a close-knit community without doing something right!

Clients often view us as part of their core team. We’re down-to-earth people with a desire to help others succeed, and proud to make all of our decisions as if your budget were our own money. We don’t accept kickbacks, instead passing on all discounts direct to our clients.

Our team have been hand-picked for their personality, skills and experience. This means Chantrians are spread across the country and beyond, periodically gathering at our base in London’s sharpest building.

Meet the Chantarians

Managing Director

Chris is the founder and driving force behind Chantry, which may explain why he’s such a petrolhead (please don’t talk to him about cars, he needs no encouragement). Family and food go with franchising as his top f-words.

Head of Franchise Marketing

Joining Chantry in 2016 after five years as the British Franchise Association’s PR manager, Paul’s worked with the great and good of franchising. He types and talks on the phone more loudly than is considered normal.

Head of Commercial Services & Group Financial Controller

The nicest man in franchising? At least until you don’t pay your invoices, we think he might be! An ex-stalwart of Franchise Finance before & after its takeover by Hitachi, Chris loves Excel, golf and bringing order to chaos.

Senior Business Broker

Already a legend of franchisee recruitment in her 20s, Nikki cut her franchising teeth at Driver Hire, then Pitman, and now focuses on TaxAssist. You won’t find a bigger lover of animals, with a menagerie to prove it.

Head of Franchise Recruitment & Resales

Organised, calm and absolutely lovely, Esther’s had some career: franchised her own business, 12 years in banking, and now an extraordinary recruiter for our clients. She’s one of those people who just gets things done without issues (or she hides it well) or complaint, and has an instant impact with every franchise.

Operations Manager

The sun around which Chantry’s delivery revolves, which is ironic as he burns so easily. With us since 2017, Richard’s experience includes copywriting, franchise recruitment marketing and local marketing campaigns. Obsessive gig-goer, tech fanatic and regularly receiver of celebrity replies on his socials.

PPC Manager

What Ivana doesn’t know about Google Ads is… not much. Having worked on multimillion-pound inbound investment campaigns with huge international brands, franchise investment holds no fears for her. She’s got a work ethic like nobody else you’ll meet, and an infectious LOVE for what she does and how she does it.

Digital Designer

Megan’s on a mission to make the world of franchising more engaging, exciting and eye-catching. That’s fortunate for our clients, as she applies this philosophy to the design and visual wizardry she creates to help bring their businesses and websites to life. She’s also an accomplished netball player, and the best mum to her two Chow-Chows.

Senior Account Manager & BDM

Formerly the youngest ever QFP, we like to think Rob’s getting even wiser with age. He helped grow Franchise Finance into the dominant player in its field, now he’s helping our clients dominate theirs. He’s also a Special Constable in his local community (we always knew he was a bit special, now we have proof). Don’t mess.

Account Manager

The Italian Stallion himself. Pasquale is a long-time anglophile who moved from the sunny coast in Italy to the rainy streets of Manchester. No, we don’t know why either. Having provided dazzling service through careers in hospitality and finance, his talents (and heart) warmed immediately to franchising. He’s also a goalkeeper of some repute.

Digital Media Creator

A filmmaker like no other, Reuben blends his natural cool with a ferocious drive for quality. He’s meticulous and highly creative, and an unrivalled provider of emotive, exceptional franchise films that hit home with audiences. 

Senior Commercial Manager & Senior Growth Specialist

Ian’s seen it all in 30 years in the sector. He franchised and sold his own business. He helped grow Riverford from its early days towards the much-loved brand it is now. And he took a brand new window cleaning franchise nationwide, and the Emerging Franchisor of the Year crown. He’s even sat on the bfa’s board. In short, he’s an asset to your franchise, whatever it is you need!

Franchise Recruitment Administrator

It’s a tough contest, but Kelly probably just takes the ‘Biggest Dachshund Enthusiast’ title at Chantry, with the name of Rocket giving her the edge. An organiser and administrator like no other, Kelly rivals Chris for the award of nicest person in franchising. She also runs her own dance school, and came within inches of starting a franchise herself a few years back!

Franchise Recruitment Manager

Holly loves hearing people talk about their dreams and makes it her mission to deliver them. She’s worked at a high level in the property and tech industries, and even founded her own business too, giving her insight and empathy for those looking to do the same via franchising. She’s a devoted mum to her daughter and two beloved cats, and loves a good festival. Phew!

Franchise Recruitment Manager

Andy’s fitted more into his career than most: 15 years in recruitment, 10+ years in franchising at board level, and even founded and sold his own business. Highly experienced on franchisee recruitment, mentoring and business development, he focuses on the cultural fit between franchisee and franchisor. He’s somehow also found time to work on his own Grand Design too.

Franchise Recruitment Administrator

Dan’s three big passions are football, music and people. His taste in the first two may be questioned by some, but there’s no doubting his ability to build rapport with anyone and everyone, which makes him a perfect first point of contact for franchise leads. He used to conduct tours of London Stadium, but he’s no West Ham fan so don’t hold that against him.

Franchise Development Manager

Liz loves helping others realise their dreams. She thinks everyone should have a cheerleader to support them towards a goal, and has years of experience coaching macro entrepreneurs to push their comfort zones, take action and drive forward strategies to build successful businesses. Liz enjoys gluten-free baking, spending time with her 2 young children, and catching up with friends for a hot choccie with all the trimmings.