Chantry Foundation

Become a future hero franchisor

You’ve spent time and money franchising your business and you’re chomping at the bit to start your network.

Now what?

For three lucky businesses, what’s next is a team of franchise professionals handholding them through the tricky early days of finding and on-boarding those vital first franchisees.

And not just any old professionals – we’re talking about people with decades of experience of growing new brands, including taking them on to win the HSBC/BFA’s Emerging Franchisor of the Year award.

What is the Foundation?

The Foundation is a not-for-profit community interest company set up by Chantry Group to turbo-charge the development of just three worthy businesses each year, giving them access to the foremost marketing & recruitment agency in UK franchising.

What will you get?

For 12 months following their franchise launch, we’re offering a trio of aspiring franchisors:

In short: everything you need to find your stellar first-stage franchisees that will be the foundation for your franchise growth.

Why only three franchisors at a time? Because we’re doing this for no profit, and we want to do it properly, we’re limited to how many Foundation businesses we can support in a year while maintaining our exceptional client services.

Chantry's team of franchise professionals

Why are Chantry doing this?

Chantry’s been guiding and supporting franchisors of all sectors and sizes since 2007. We’ve got bigger since then, and so have our clients – but we love helping small business owners with big ambitions to become the giants of the future. 

So we decided it was time to combine that love with our passion for doing the right thing, and give something back to the amazing franchise community we work in daily.

What you’ll need to take part

Marketing budget:

we’re showing you how, but we’re not paying for your marketing! You'll need to commit to a total budget of £36K over 12 months, which provides different services including messaging, marketing budget & plan, personalised lead-handling, and mentoring through your first year.

Willingness to share:

while we can only help three franchises at a time, we want to show others what it means to grow from scratch too. So this will be a public journey capturing the ups and downs of recruiting your first franchisees; this will also showcase your culture to your prospects, an important part of franchise growth.


although we will be following proven processes, we can’t guarantee perfect results – you need to be comfortable with this, while not afraid to challenge us too!

No revenue goes to Chantry Group; it is managed in a separate account on a not-for-profit basis.

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