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Common challenges we solve

  • Not enough leads

  • Attracting the wrong type of person

  • Too many low-quality leads you can't contact

  • Not seeing a return on your marketing budget

  • No time to focus on your marketing

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Get these three things right and you’ll transform your franchise marketing.

Creativity means getting people excited about your franchise. It might be ROI, it might be lifestyle, it might be your visionary thinking. It might be something else altogether. But whatever it is, you need to stand out from your peers in both what you’re saying, and where you’re saying it.

Culture is your secret sauce, the thing that nobody else but you has. You’re looking for people who share your values to become your franchisees, so you’ll need to express yourself and build affinity with your target audience.

Consistency is all too often left behind in franchise marketing, and it’s two-fold: consistency of messaging that resonates with your prospects; and consistency of information available to them when they’re doing their diligence.

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Example of team of marketing experts all with specified roles

A team of specialists across every discipline: tighter focus, stronger skills, better outputs

Example of in-house marketing person juggling multiple work loads

A jack of all trades trying to do everything: pressured by time, shortcuts necessary

Adding a fourth C to your marketing – that’s Chantry! – has proven just as valuable as the first three Cs. We’re experts at digging deep into what your brand stands for, its personality, and transmitting your key messages to the people that you’re looking for.

We work as part of your team, not ‘at arm’s length’. The best results come from integrating everybody behind the strategy and plan, combining the knowhow and expertise of your team and ours.

We’re equally adept at becoming your entire marketing department, or working with your in-house team to provide strategic guidance and/or ad hoc creative support. We always tailor our operations to match your situation, so we’ll dovetail perfectly with your current marketing setup.

Content & PR

Attract and engage prospects and/or make some noise with experienced copywriters

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Branding & Design

Beautiful and meaningful graphics, adverts, stands and more, we'll help you transform your visuals

Branding & Design

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Video Marketing

From slick promo films to authentic person-led content, and from plan to shoot to edit to promotion

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An expert team of digital designers, PPC professionals and website developers

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How we work with franchisors

Our process is proven to work across different sectors and for franchisors at every stage of development. We helped My Window Cleaner become the bfa’s Emerging Franchisor of the Year and we’ve helped some of the biggest and best businesses in franchising to step up their growth too.

The Cliff notes version of how we work is that we’ll create messaging that attracts the right prospects; devise a tailored marketing plan to reach them in the right places; and focus on exceptional communication, with fortnightly calls and full review meetings booked in advance.

More of a details person? Here’s the process of how we put some of the meat on those bones…

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You’ll need plenty of tea/coffee and a big breakfast, because this is a full-on day! We dive deep under the skin of your business: what’s working and what isn’t. Your ambitions. The franchise model. Identifying ideal franchisees. Differentiators… the Breakthrough not only gives us the information we need to position and promote your franchise properly – it’s a brilliant chance for you and your team to reflect and discuss too.
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Strategy & Planning
We’ll create new messaging and a 12-month marketing plan that’s clear, accountable and achievable, and present both back to you for final amends before launch. We’ll run through our thinking and the channels we recommend, plus campaigns and tactics to wring every drop out of your franchise marketing budget.
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Implementation & Alignment
Remember consistency? This is where it comes into play. In revamping your messaging, we’ll need to ensure everything is aligned across the internet, so that when a prospect starts digging, they’re finding the same hymn sheet everywhere they look. New campaigns will be launched, and the next generation of leads will begin to come through.
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Review & Refinement
Testing marketing channels is crucial, so analysis is the name of the game once your activities are underway. Combining number-crunching with personal insights from your lead handler(s), we’ll have quantitative and qualitative data from which to extract conclusions, and evolve your marketing further. This is an ongoing process – standing still isn’t an option if you’re to achieve your franchise growth goals.