franchise recruitment

Imagine a world without the headaches and heartaches associated with lead handling…

By outsourcing to people who know franchise recruitment inside out and have the results to prove it, you free up your time to focus on other areas of your business. 

Engaging Chantry to manage your franchise lead handling is cost-effective, professional and seamless.

  • Not enough time to follow up on leads?

  • Struggling to sort the wheat from the chaff?

  • Poor quality leads wasting your time?

  • Low conversion ratio from meetings and Discovery Days?

  • Need guidance and support in converting your hot leads to superstar franchisees?

Your income

Great franchisees generate more MSF....

Franchisee Satisfaction

Managing focused people is easier

Business Values

Increases your network/brand value

Number of end customers

Widens the reach of your brand

End-customer satisfaction

Secures demand for future sales

Future recruitment

Helps attract more top-performers


Better for everyone...

Effectively managing the enquiries you receive can be time-consuming and costly to get right.

But it’s more time-consuming and significantly more costly if you recruit the wrong people.

Franchisee recruitment can sap time and resources like nothing else in your business. It’s a highly specialist field requiring a very particular set of skills, as Liam Neeson might put it. 

You’re asking someone to invest their money, their time AND their future with your franchise; it’s wildly different to any other sales process, which is something that people outside franchising just don’t get.

Simple initial qualification and filtering, ending by arranging a meeting with you/your team

A full service through to signing the agreement, including Discovery Day and follow-up

Engage a designated member of our team to be your dedicated recruitment manager, including admin support from Chantry

All services are highly cost-effective and professional, and integrate with your in-house CRM and team to give you the data that keeps you in complete control. 

They’re also designed to keep the pressure on us to perform, with a low base cost plus success fees once a prospect joins your network. This means we only win when you do.

Chris Cook, Nikki Haythorne chatting

Review and refine

All services begin with our review of your franchise recruitment process, which will deliver significant value right off the bat: we’ll bring decades of experience and tips from a team of franchise recruitment experts to bear on how your prospects are guided through their journey.

This isn’t about telling you what we think you’re doing wrong – there’s no ‘our way or the highway’ here – it’s about integrating our expertise with yours, and understanding your target audience, to deliver better results than you’re currently generating.

Because it’s such a specialist area, you need top class professionals working on your franchisee recruitment if you’re to be successful. Our lead handling team comprises:

It’s not just the end results that matter either. Franchisee recruitment can be a lonely space if only one person in your business is managing it. Whether leads aren’t engaging at all, or when that hot prospect drops out at the very final hurdle, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions.

Because our team speak with each other daily, they are adept at managing the highs and the lows together. That maintains vision, focus and positivity, all crucial ingredients when discussing investment options with prospects.

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